We Actually Do Have Something to Offer the World

Naozaj máme svetu čo ponúknuť

09.12.2016 News

We Actually Do Have Something to Offer the World

Making new friendships, doing business with new destinations, but also getting familiar with the latest trends- that’s what the tourist industry trade fair IBTM World in Barcelona is focussing on. The Košice region hasn’t been a part of it to date (despite our casting our web wide in terms of trade fair activity), we therefore went to cast our eye on the exhibition area Fira and evaluate, whether our future presence at the event would make sense. After all, we are talking about a B2B trade fair, where someone has to specifically show na interest in you. Despite our doubts and without any great expectations, we entered the unknown territory, Barcelona turned out to be quite an interesting place. Sure, we aren’t The Maldives, however IBTM is useful in the sense that, only people who are interested in your destination set up a meeting with you. Some interest from the second party can therefore be anticipated.

Would you anticipate Czechs, the Polish, Ukrainians...? You are correct, in part, but representatives of travel agencies and organisations from futher away, even exotic, countries stopped by our stand. For instance, Abnik Dutta from Bombay. In the very beginning of our conversation, he showed off his knowledge that Košice were EHMK in 2013. Eli Arditi from Turkey also suprised us, by  enthusiastically reacting to – this might sound biazzare – JEWISH memorials in Košice. What we found out next was that he organises trips for Turkish Jews, and do it worked out quite well, that we ‘missed‘ the comment about Jewish memorials. Would you believe, that a Turk would would be drawn to something like this?

A British woman was the most enthusiastic (fascinated even) about our desitnation – she was half Spanish actually – Angelica Padilla Otero, who organises group trips for middle-aged people, as well as weddings abroad. That Košice is a small and (relatively) peaceful city? That it isn’t rife with who-knows-which language and that cameras aren’t going off at a rate of 5 clicks per second?...BRILLIANT!...that is exactly what I need to offer my clients. Additionally- no big international hotel chains, rather, family-friendly or small hotels, which can be fully booked out. But that’s exactly what we’ve got here!

We tell ourselves, that we are too small? That we have nothing to offer the world? That- who on Earth would come here, for what?

Even though we didn’t have as many meetings at the IBTM World 2016 in Barcelona as maybe Pyeongchang (the organiser of WOG 2018; not to be confused with Pyongyang), just these few meetings can be greatly beneficial. Yes, it’s small, but the world is too diverse and everyone in it can be after something else. And this is exactly what we want to concentrate on- on our slice of the pie, with which we can break through, and in the processs, not aiming to compare ourselves with Paris, New Delhi or the setting of IBTM World 2016- Barcelona.