The origin of the Košice region destination claim

Ako sa rodil claim destinácie Košice región

15.05.2017 News, Backstage

The origin of the Košice region destination claim



Do what you will (unless you wouldn’t be doing anything at all), you are sure to reach the point where you start contemplating whether things you do make any sense. And you may arrive to such a point several times. Finally, perhaps it would not even be healthy just to sweat the world without mind and thought.

My colleagues and I have embarked on this year's slim and gentle way, with more and more tourists being its leitmotif. I have just recently considered why tourism is not just getting enough publicity in the media - and therefore not even in social debate - it receives almost no attention at all. (And I must honestly admit that being a journalist, I myself have not considered tourism a juicy, savoury, and remarkable subject.) What is the argument? I do not know ... What is there we can offer to a tourist? I will not break down this issue into smaller subsets, we all know this. But I do have a feeling that we are always more inclined to underestimate what we have here, rather than to realize it and to get it right.

After a little dramatic turn, I will now come back to what I started with - my colleagues and I started to market the destination of the Košice region through the main communication theme. What does that mean? A sense of modern times. When we as primary school pupils were supposed to develop a project on our city, St. Elisabeth Dome was always taken for granted. When the project was to be about Eastern Slovakia, then we focused on the Spiš Castle. And so on and so forth. So let us now move to the present time when travel is simpler than ever. Even the travel agencies probably do not sell as much as some 10-15 years ago. The hotels will soon complain (like the Bratislava taxi drivers) that shared economy spoils their business. Today, tourists do not decide by thumbing through catalogues of limited offer. The tourist of today enjoy themselves by fingering on displays, looking for something interesting, something that is worth their attention, something unique. Hills? Castles? Chateaus? Rivers? Lakes? No big deal, they have them anywhere.

Just like our project assignments on Košice had their dominant sites, symbols, so we - as a destination management organization - needed to find a central communication topic for our beautiful destination of the Košice region. This is a claim (even in Slovak you must use some English words in marketing - you seem to know what you are talking about). And so the "UNESCO Within Reach" came to life, a slogan that should characterise the destination through its most characteristic feature. This again should be something extraordinary, something that brings the necessary attention of a potential visitor for the Košice region and its position on the market .Talking about visitors, they are not just those from the "superb western world". On the contrary, the magnificent world heritage that we have within our arm's reach, is often not known by ourselves - the natives or inhabitants of Košice, Michalovce, Rožňava, etc.

So, let's start then - do you know which of the 18 monuments from the UNESCO World Heritage List are available from Košice within 100 minutes by car? If not, no shame is made, you may find the answers on the website.