After long decades, the via ferrata is on the threshold of its first full season

Ferrata po dlhých desaťročiach na prahu prvej kompletnej sezóny

15.06.2017 News

After long decades, the via ferrata is on the threshold of its first full season

Slovenský raj (The Slovak Paradise) is one of the most widely visited tourist locales in the whole destination of the Košice region. As to its quantity, the Spiš Castle may in a way compete with it, although in both cases the experience is of a different type and perhaps even of a different type of visitor. Either way, the number of visitors per one season does not count in hundreds or thousands, but in hundreds of thousands.

Since 15th June, one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the Slovak Paradise is in operation, intended for more sophisticated visitors - the Kyseľ via ferrata. Last year, after 40 years of the devastating fire, it experienced its premiere, though not for a full season, and enjoyed a great deal of interest. The via ferrata is a one-way route, bottom-up, and it can only be passed with a via ferrata set, which is a must-have for every visitor. The iron ladders installed on the rocks in the Kyseľ ravine rise some metres above the bottom.

The places you do not want to miss in the physically more demanding via ferrata tour include the Barricade Waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful sections of crossing the entire ravine. The so-called Udiareň (Smoke House) is a rock formation in which visitors found shelter from the weather. In addition, the huge chimney of the cave was ideal for drawing off the smoke. The place where the most inexpressible sign of the sad event can be seen - the fire - is the Chapel Waterfall. The most difficult part of the tour is the steep exit at the Great Waterfall. The Kyseľ via ferrata can be undertaken by the end of October.

The second attraction, intended for lovers of even a greater amount of adrenaline, is the ride of the Hornad River Water-Gap, which is possible in one's own kayak, canoe, or inflatable boat for one or two persons. It is necessary to register for sailing down the river at least one day before 16:00 hrs (on the website, the basic criterion for the voyage permit being the height of the water level at Hrabušice. This must show a height of 70 to 110 centimetres, otherwise sailing down the river will not be allowed.

Photoauthor : Peter Olekšák